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My Introduction

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My Introduction

Post by Blade2010 on 16/11/2015, 15:25

Good day to all the members and fellow colleagues,

Firstly thank you very much to the website hosts for approving me and allowing me to be a part of CP - DOMAIN, it is appreciated.

I am a South African citizen with 2 years compulsory Military service within the 6th and 9th SA infantry division and 3 years in the reserve forces with the rank of Staff Sergeant. I spent 6 Months within Angola and thereafter had other deployments within Africa. I carry experience within hostile settings and countries like Afghanistan, Somalia, DRC and others.

I am a certified and qualified EMT-P and normally deploy as a PSD 2IC Paramedic. Furthermore, i am also CPO certified along with numerous other certifications of which also allowed me to work offshore as a MSO Team Leader and on board Medic. Currently, and like many, i will be seeking new opportunities within any field i might qualify for and trust that this site will be of an advantage to myself and many others seeking information, help of any kind and most importantly maybe an opportunity to find a new contract.

Lastly i would like to say that our prayers goes out to France and hope they know that we stand beside them.

Thank you once again guys for the opportunity to introduce myself and be safe.

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Guest (Unverified)

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Re: My Introduction

Post by Sabre on 16/11/2015, 16:02

Hello Blade2010, thanks for the introduction and welcome to the forum.

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

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